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At The Sacred Forest, we are pleased to facilitate ways for our community to connect to Spirit. Contact us to set up a consultation on the following ceremonies, or if you are in need of having a special ritual designed for you.

Ifa Divination

All people are born with a destiny that is meant to develop their character. The art of Divination was given to us so that we could periodically check in to make sure we are on balance on the path to our Destiny. Divination establishes a connection between the human world and the world of the Spirit for the purpose of seeking divine guidance.

We offer General Consultations and Life-Path Orisa Readings. Readings can be done in person, on the phone or through video conferencing.

General Consultation Reading

A General Consultation Reading is a kind of diagnosis, offering insight on what we need to do to maximize our potential for living a long, balanced and happy life. $60

Life-Path / Orisa Reading

Those of us living in the West have not had the benefit of having had a ceremony within three days of our birth in which we were ritually given our name and life path. Instead, we can have a Life Path/Orisa Reading. This type of reading determines the Orisa with which we are most closely aligned and our Odu. (The Odu are the sacred teachings of the Ifa tradition.) This Odu is our Life Path, and can be thought of as the “operating instructions” of our lives. Understanding this is vital for being able to be in balance on the path to our Destiny. $125

Full Moon Ceremonies

Inspired by African spirituality, our Full Moon Ceremonies honor the Moon and the Water Spirits. This ritual commemorates hope and renewal through song, healing movement and mbira meditation. We will come to your venue (or ours) on an evening during the waxing of the moon for this ritual. Our service includes erection of a ceremonial altar to the moon and water spirits on which you and your guests will be encouraged to place their own symbol of renewal upon their arrival. Plan on an hour for prep time and an additional 45 – 60 minutes of quiet reflective time for the ceremony. A consultation with us will determine the intention of the ritual, whether or not your Moon Altar will a permanent installation, and the cost of your Ceremony.

Bridal Blessing or Couple Blessing

This is a ceremony, typically done within two days of your wedding, in which we come to your venue to erect an altar for Osun, offer a libation to the Ancestors, and facilitate a community blessing ritual for the bride/couple by her family and community.  Our services can also include the presentation of custom made jigeda (waist beads consecrated to Osun) for the Bride, wedding henna for the Bride and her guests, and live mbira or kora music. Contact us for availability and quote.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at info@thesacredforest.org
or call: 510-827-3997


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