• ʻOhana

    http://youtu.be/eTF8gY3DX9k This is a new song by me (in collaboration on some of the lyrics with my husband Kevin) that was created with the… »

Listen more often
To things than to beings
The voice of the fire can be heard
Hear the voice of the water
Listen in the wind
To the sobbing bush
It is the breath o the ancestors.
— Birago Diop

Workshop - Make Your Own Prayer Beads

Prayer beads are used in many world religions as a portable physical reminder of a personal goal, journey or special time. They can provide comfort and focus as well as encourage relaxation.

We will learn the basics of designing and stringing prayer beads. You will be gently guided in creating your own unique commemoration of an Orisa, or of your personal journey. The $25 fee includes all materials needed, though feel free to bring and utilize your special beads in your work.  Class size will be limited, and preregistration is required. The workshop will meet at an East Bay location.

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