The Winds of Change

Hurricane Sandy NOAA Environmental Visualization Laboratory

Ifa is a spiritual path that is about personal responsibility. We each come into this world with our own destiny, and the tools we need to achieve it. We do not hold that the Creator made us in his/her own image, designs “tests” for us, or in any way micromanages our lives.

If things are not going well, it is more than likely due to our own inaction or poor decision-making. Personal upheaval and mishaps are taken as messages from the world of the Spirit. If these messages are ignored, or ascribed as being “God’s will”, Spirit will try again and again to get our attention.

We are now in an era where the Orisa are repeatedly asking us to pay attention. This year alone, we have experienced monster tornadoes, drought, and now the fury of Hurricane Sandy. Yet we continue to behave as if we are above nature. My dear ones, we are a part of nature. We attempt to control nature at our own peril.  The orisa tradition is an attempt to align ourselves with the forces of nature. Our ancestors clearly understood that if we break the laws of nature – nature will break us. (Across The Kings River) The era of our continuing to arrogantly ignore this wisdom is over.

The notion that we are experiencing some divine plan for the “end of days” is nothing more than a way to shirk collective responsibility for our own poor decisions with regard to our precious environment.

That this tragic event occurred to the most populous area of the most powerful nation on earth so close to the most contentious and one of the most  bitter presidential elections in our history is no coincidence. We have had enough partisan bickering and pettiness. It is time to surround with love and support those who have lost so much in the wake of this “Perfect Storm”. It is also time to save our own destiny by respecting the divinity and balance of Nature. The Orisa have given us a glimpse of the stakes at play in the choice we will make on Election Day.

It is completely up to us.

Please consider a donation to the American Red Cross. We are in this thing together.

Love and blessings,

Iya Mahea